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Lectures and Workshops


Please contact Rosie deLeon-McCrady for information on Workshops and Lectures for detailed information at or 512-750-3258.


Thank you for your request for Trunk Show information! It’s such an honor to know that you’d like to show our designs in your shop. I hope that your customers will be excited by the samples and your sales will reflect. 

Below, you’ll find our basic Trunk Show information and requirements. We let YOU choose which samples you’d like rather than having a set grouping of samples that travel together.  We feel that this allows you to tailor your Trunk Show to the Interests of your customers!  Because of this, some samples that you request may not be available on your preferred dates. However, we’ll try to accommodate you as best we can! 

Pattern Requirements:

  • We ask you to purchase three (3) patterns for each sample as well as an additional three (3) patterns on consignment. 
  • The invoice for the three each purchased patterns is enclosed with the pattern shipment.  This invoice will be due 30 days from issuance, not 30 days from the end of the Trunk Show or the return of consignment patterns.  
  • You can return any un-sold consignment patterns to Scarlet Today/Redwork Plus and at that time, we will invoice you only for the un-returned consignment patterns. 
  • We will charge an additional .15 ¢ ea. for patterns returned with damaged bags, un-removed pricing or sticker residue, as they will have to be re-bagged to be saleable. 

Shipping Your Trunk Show:

  • We allow a full week for your Trunk Show to arrive. Therefore, we ship your Trunk Show via UPS ground seven (7) days before the scheduled beginning date. We do not charge you for shipping to receive your trunk show. 
  • Usually, our Trunk Shows are in your shop for three full weeks before their return date. If you need a little more time than that, let us know; we’ll try to work with you! 
  • All samples will have tags attached showing pattern numbers pattern names.  

Returning your Trunk Show:

  • You will be required to ship promptly on the scheduled ending date. Please ship the samples in their original box and in the same manner that they arrived, enclosed by plastic, with the cardboard piece on top. You will be required to pay for return shipping. Ship by UPS ground and insure for the amount shown on your trunk show. 
  • You can return consignment patterns with the samples if there is enough space and if you are returning the shipment to Redwork Plus. Do not pack loose patterns. We will charge you for damaged patterns that cannot be resold. Bundle the patterns with rubber bands, wrap securely in tissue paper or a bag to prevent bending patterns. If the shipment is going on to another shop, you should pack the consignment patterns separately and sent back to Redwork Plus.